Hello, my name is Ronald van Schaik.

i am a Freelance graphic & web designer


back in the day

We had offset and letterpress,

Whilst studying in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I started working Saturday's at my dad's printing firm creating A2 posters and learning typography, Linotype was an institution in typography those days...

I have always been mesmerised by design, art and photography, hence I choose a career incorporating all of those elements. Firstly, a few years in Switzerland followed by an opportunity to come to New Zealand in 1985, I worked in Mount Cook, Paihia, Auckland and finally the last 20 years in Hawke's Bay. In Hawke's Bay I setup my own company, at one stage employing more than 10 people, Nowadays, i freelance for companies in New Zealand, Australia and Europe and have a number of specialist contractors i call upon when necessary. The rest as they say is history.

These days it's not all computer generated, the whole design process still has all the beginnings of the good old days. Ideas start on paper first, followed by design and development using Adobe's Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro for video production, Webflow for web development and Apple's Aperture for photo management.

This gets translated into brand design, logos, packaging, brochures, signage and website development.

Give me a call to discuss.

Design adds value faster than it adds costs.

i design responsive and custom build websites

In need of a website but do not know where to start? Whether a complete overhaul of your existing site or a brand spanking new startup site with CMS functionality, blog and Ecommerce in an ever more digital world.

Every website is unique. A bespoke solution tailored to your needs is my specialty.

I can offer you a custom designed responsive website with all the bells and whistles you would like.

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Diversity in design blog

a thousand words or more. .

What does a designer need to consider when designing a logo?

Numerous things. But before they start designing, it’s about the client, the competition, the context and the audience.

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Do we need responsive website design in 2019?

For years now, we’ve been aware of the importance of building responsive web applications so that they are visually and functionally sound when accessed on a myriad of devices.

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Typography – The World of Creativity and Magic

Typography basically spells out creativity. It is everywhere we look, in the books that we read, the websites that we visit. Anything that has words and word art is typography. It is another level of creativity with various fonts and art. Basically fun art with words, letters and colour.  

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Diverse brands

A successful collaboration between company and designer


Diverse images

A picture speaks a thousand words.


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